Welcome to Sparks Play and Care!!

Sparks Play and Care is the first childcare co-operative in Bristol. It is managed by a team of qualified Playworkers as a workers cooperative and is a company limited by guarantee. Sparks Play and Care caters for school aged children from 3-14 years and runs a breakfast, afterschool and Holiday club. Sparks runs a teenager club called 'Taningua', which is a sepaprate club that runs on Tuesday and Thursday during the school holidays for 10-14 year olds. http://sparks-inc.org/taningua

Sparks has also recently set up a new Forest School club called 'Sparkan Foragers' that runs after school on a Tuesday from 3-30-6.60 (click on the sparkan foragers page for more info!).

At Sparks we provide children with a wide range of fun and stimulating play opportunities to aid childrens growth and development and to enable them to experiment and gain new experiences, express themselves freely and most of all.. to have fun!! 

At Sparks there are different activities planned every day for children to get involved in and try something new including; cooking, crafts, outdoor games, early years activities and ongoing projects. All activities are optional and children are free to play indoors and outdoors as they wish. At Sparks we encourage freedom of choice and act as advocates for childrens play. At sparks we value each child as an individual and work as an inclusive setting.


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If you have any questions or queries about anything then please  give us a call on

0117 9244439 or send an email to coopsparks@gmail.com.

We look forward to seeing you at Sparks soon.

Many thanks,

The Sparks Team :-)


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