About Sparks

Sparks is a cooperative of passionate playworkers, dedicated to providing a variety of fun and playful clubs for children aged 3-14 at five locations in Bristol.

At Sparks, we believe in the value of free play and the importance of allowing children to choose how they spend their leisure time. We provide a safe and flexible environment for children, offering a wide range of fun and stimulating play opportunities to aid their growth and development. We enable them to experiment and express themselves, but most of all… to have fun!!

We value individuality and diversity, and are proud to provide an equal-opportunity setting. We are committed to maintaining a supportive, friendly and inclusive environment for all ,and have an excellent track record of supporting families with additional needs.

All our staff are fully-trained and DBS checked, and we are registered with Ofsted.

We base our attitude towards play on The Playworkers Principles; an ethical framework for play drawn up by Play Wales. These eight principles are recognised by Ofsted and SkillsActive as best practice for all playwork in the U.K.

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Our background

In April 2005, Sparks Play & Care became Bristol’s first ever childcare workers’ co-operative. We took over the After School Club at Sefton Park School which had previously been organised and run by a committee of parents. Our mission was to provide a variety of services that could meet and respond to the needs of local families. We do this by offering flexible, safe and affordable childcare that families know they can count on during term time and School Holidays.

We offer creative wrap-around care in a safe environment where children can explore and experiment with new interests and hobbies, make new friends, play outdoors or inside and express themselves through play.

There are currently 303 families actively using Sparks’ services for 510 children. We have an excellent track record in supporting families with additional needs as we run an inclusive play setting.

In April 2017, we opened our latest After School Club at Dolphin School. Sparks is expanding because parents, guardians and schools love our ethos of child-led play, encouraging children to enjoy themselves every day.

Where to find us

Sparks Co-operative Ltd
Unit 17
The Coach House
2 Upper York St
Bristol BS2 8QN
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Sefton Park School
The Terrapin
Sefton Park Schools
St. Bartholomews Rd
Ashley Down
Bristol BS7 9BJ
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Fairlawn School
Fairlawn School
Fairlawn Road
Bristol BS6 5JL
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The Scout Hut
St. Bartholomews Rd
Ashley Down
Bristol BS7 9BJ
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St Bart’s Church Hall
St Bart’s Church
Maurice Rd
St Andrews
Bristol BS6 5BZ
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The Dolphin School
25a Bath Buildings
Bristol BS6 5PT
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Becoming part of the Sparks family

We welcome families from all over Bristol to come and be a part of Sparks.

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