Sparks @ Dolphin

Dolphin After School Club is for children aged 4-11 attending Dolphin School. It’s the perfect way for the children to blow away those classroom cobwebs, socialise and relax after each school day.

“Hi I’m Emily, and I run Dolphin After School Club.

“I love working with children because they have such an infectious sense of fun! Building positive relationships with them is my number one priority at work. I like to make them feel supported and encouraged to do what they love doing and help them develop into happy, kind people as they grow up.

“The children at Dolphin absolutely love to be creative and get messy, and they’re also very active! We’re always playing football, building dens, making slime and so much more!

“We organise set activities for each session but encourage the children to free play and use their imaginations as much as possible. I’m always on my toes not knowing what activity the children will end up doing. It’s often spontaneous and always heaps of fun. Sometimes we play music, and before I know it everyone is on their feet dancing. On other days, someone might suggest ‘dressing up’ and by the end of the session everyone will be immersed in a make believe world and adorned with face paint!

“Some of the children prefer to play quietly or read on their own and to each other, which is brilliant to see. We encourage children to do what they want and let their imaginations run wild because our philosophy is that there is no better way to learn than through playing!”

What to expect

The teaching staff at Fairlawn bring the children from their classes at Fairlawn and the children from St Barnabas are collected by Sparks staff.

Upon arrival, everyone is offered a yummy, scrummy healthy snack, with a menu consisting of: toast, crumpets, wraps, rice cakes, cheese and crackers, and a selection of fruit and veg. Juice and water is also available throughout the session.

Let us know about any dietary requirements and we will be happy to accommodate them. Visit our Registration page for more information.

After snack time, everyone is free to play or chill out until tidy up time at 17:30. All children must then be picked up by 18:00.

Things to do

We champion free play and a child-led approach to care at Sparks, so everyone is encouraged to choose how they wish to spend their afternoons with us. We organise fun craft activities, games and cooking sessions each day, inviting the children to participate, although there is never any pressure to join in. There are also plenty of other resources and play equipment available, as well as quiet areas for reading and relaxing.

Some other activities on offer include:

  • Den building
  • Fancy dress
  • Sewing
  • Nature walks
  • Outdoor play: scootering, tennis, football
  • Toys & board games
  • Trips to St Andrews Park and Narroways
  • Computers
  • Television - a choice of films to end the day

What to bring

  • Weather appropriate clothing (coats, hats, gloves)
  • Book bag
  • School bag
  • Medication*

*We must have written permission from a parent or guardian to supply medication.

Sessions & prices

Session Price per child
15:30 – 18:00 £11.20

Children must be picked up by 18:00 at the very latest to avoid a fee.

To make a booking, please click here.

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